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Ours we offer to customers tailor made solvesnia in various areas.


Our precisely elaborated electrical installation projects will ensure you significant savings.

Electrical installations

Our team of experts provides comprehensive services in the field of electrical installations.

Heating and cooling

We will design and implement energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling for you.

Production of switchboards and el. devices

In the production of our switchboards, we use components that are a guarantee of reliability.


Make your company more efficient with us! Digitize and automate the production process to produce more at lower costs.

Photovoltaic systems and wind power plants

We bring sustainable and effective solutions in the field of renewable energy sources

Battery storage

We will build a custom-made battery storage for you according to your needs.

OPAS revisions

Every electrical installation and electrical device is backed by a thoroughly and professionally performed inspection report.

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Our experts will provide you with a detailed analysis of your requirements and propose solutions that will meet your needs. We are here to guide you from start to finish, focusing on your satisfaction.

Contact us today and get started on the road to success with a reliable electrical installation partner.

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Realization of services is simple

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Proposal and solution offer

Together, we will prepare a proposal and offer exactly tailored to your needs.


After approval, we will proceed with the implementation of the project with an emphasis on quality and deadlines.


After the completion of the project, we are here for you with additional service and support.

About us

Welcome to BBC System sro We offer reliable electrical installations and modern technological solutions for our clients.


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