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BBC System s.r.o

ID: 36 634 760
VAT number: SK2021944870


Kamenárska 186, 96601 Hlumin nad Hronom, Slovakia

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+421 948 151 151


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Due to the ongoing renovation of the store on Kamenárská Street, we are currently located at SNP Street 297, in Hluin nad Hronom, in the premises of the former Katarína. 


SNP 297, 96601 Hlumin nad Hronom, Slovakia

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It is the world's leading supplier of energy storage systems. Our offer includes modern inverters for households, commercial and industrial applications, designed to optimize energy use and ensure reliable operation.

You can also use our service

Post office


In our store, we provide the service of sending and receiving parcels. To use our courier services, it is enough to follow the simple instructions provided by individual courier companies. We are here to help you every step of the way and ensure the smooth delivery of your package.


Shipping the package with DPD

Use courier services and become a DPD customer in a few simple steps.

  1. You order transport - You fill out a short order form.

  2. You prepare the shipment - you wrap the shipment in such a way that it is not damaged during transportation and stick the shipping label.

  3. You send the package - the courier picks up the package at your place or you take it to one of the DPD collection points.

Delivery of the shipment

When placing a transport order, select the option "deliver to a pickup location" or select the option to pick up at a pickup location in the interactive SMS

When the package is delivered to the Pickup or Pickup Station, you will receive an SMS with information on when you can pick up the package,

Storage of the shipment at the Pickup point is 5 calendar days, at the Pickup Station 3 calendar days

The maximum cash-on-delivery amount at Pickup collection points is €1,000

Card payment possible


File a shipment

Weight max. 31.5 kg.

Circuit max. 300cm (1x length + 2x height + 2x width) + length of one side max. 200 cm.

If you choose to sell to the GLS Parcel Shop, you must bring the package with a printed label.

Shipment tracking

Track how your package travels. You can check its location online at any time:

Card payment is NOT possible


File a shipment

Print the generated shipping label and stick it on your shipment

Make sure you remove all extra labels from your packaged shipment

Visit the relevant ParcelShop

Follow the instructions of the relevant ParcelShop operator

*If you are sending multiple shipments, it is not possible to use one shipping label on multiple shipments.
*The sum of the circumference must not exceed 200cm

Shipment issue

After receiving the notification (SMS or EMAIL), the shipment is ready for collection at the relevant ParcelShop

Identify yourself with the verification code sent in the notification

For collection, follow the instructions of the operator of the relevant ParcelShop

*If the received shipment requires payment, it can be done according to the instructions in the notification. 

Card payment is NOT possible

About us

Welcome to BBC System sro We offer reliable electrical installations and modern technological solutions for our clients.


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We are available to answer your questions during business hours. We are ready to help you.

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