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Lightning rods

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We have installed more than 100 lightning rods on different types of buildings.

Lightning rods

We design, implement and maintain lightning rods for family houses, apartment buildings, halls, industrial buildings and photovoltaic power plants. We work with new technologies, follow current trends in the field and include the latest products and materials in our portfolio.

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Lightning rods

Frequently asked Questions

The lightning rod protects the building and its occupants from damage caused by lightning, thereby increasing the safety and protection of property.

The installation includes the installation of busbars on the roof, conductors leading to the ground and the grounding itself, all of which is carried out in accordance with the standards.

Yes, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure the proper functionality of the lightning rod and its effective protection.

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Projects we worked on


    Photovoltaic power plant in the size of 220kW for a foundry that deals with the production of castings from aluminum alloys.


      Another foundry of aluminum castings, which uses electricity from solar energy in its production, in the size of 400kW.


        50 kW photovoltaic power plant and reconstruction of the electrical installation in an industrial building with the production of aluminum coolers and profiles.

          Ministerstvo obrany SR
          Ministry of Defense of the SR

          From design to assembly to revision of the lightning rod. We implemented all of this on the buildings of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic. We also reconstructed electrical installations in several buildings.

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