Energy prices are getting higher and higher. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, you could save tens to hundreds of euros per month.

What is it?

Photovoltaics deals with the direct conversion of light into electrical energy. It is an ecological and affordable source of energy that is renewable. Its use is environmentally friendly. We have free energy from the sun and no one can turn it off. The main one the advantage of renewable energy sources is the fact that at their use eliminates fuel costs. Therefore, their popularity skyrocketed is growing. Photovoltaics is often (and informally) called photovoltaics. It is a technology that is increasingly becoming a common part of modern households.

Photovoltaic panels are installed in different ways today environment - for family houses, apartment balconies or industrial halls. Medium Europe has relatively good conditions for developing photovoltaics. Sunlight is inexhaustible and that makes photovoltaics the technology of the future.

How does it work?

How is solar energy converted into electricity? What do we need everything? First of all, it is important to say that it is not enough for us to put on roof panel and the magic will happen by itself ☺ We need: photovoltaic panel, power optimizer, supporting structure, current inverter and special electricity meter. All these parts together form a photovoltaic power plant.

The sun's rays fall on the photovoltaic panel, which converts light energy into direct current with the help of the photoelectric phenomenon. After subsequent conversion to alternating current, you get your own electricity, which you will use the household for normal consumption. Manufactured and unused electrical you can save energy in a virtual battery and store it virtually you can use the electricity later (for example at night).

Articles that are queued, linked and protected form a photovoltaic panel.

We know 3 types of panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film. The larger the panel, the greater performance is able to provide. Of course, performance depends on the time of day and weather - power units are typically measured at 25°C. Solar panels are in in our conditions, they mostly orient to the south with an angular inclination of 30 to 60 degrees.

Panels JASOLAR 460W

JAM60S20 modules are made of monocrystalline multi-busbar (multi-busbar) PERC cells with half-cell technology, which offers the advantages of higher performance, efficient operation in partial shading, lower risk of hot spots and also higher tolerance for mechanical loads. The manufacturer JA Solar belongs to the Tier 1 group of manufacturers with the highest quality modules in the world. 
This module is perfectly suited both for small installations and for industrial objects, especially thanks to the maximization of performance in limited space. This monocrystalline panel has a peak power of 460W. If you are going to build a system with several panels, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable solar regulator for recharging the battery - for one of these panels you will find recommended solar regulators in the related products. We will also help you with the design of other suitable components for the island system. 
The panel is encased in a solid aluminum frame, which allows for safe installation. 

Maximum system voltage: 1000/1500 V 
Rated panel power (Wp): 460 
Cell type: monocrystalline 
Number of cells per module: 144 Frame color: silver frame 
Degree of protection: IP68 Output cables: 120 cm (positive), 120 cm (negative) 
Maximum panel efficiency: 21.2% 
Manufacturer's warranty (power): 25 years linear 
Manufacturer's warranty (power): 12 years linear 
Width: 1052 mm 
Height: 2112 mm 
Depth: 35 mm 
Weight: 24.7 kg